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Unique, LLC is a marketing and small business consulting company.  The company was established through courage, sacrifice, perseverance and the drive to pursue a dream despite insurmountable adversities.  With faith, hope and determination Unique, LLC was formulated.


Unique, LLC’s mission is to serve, and inspire others to become empowered in the face of obstacles, especially women who seek to improve their circumstances and situations in life.

Unique, LLC has personnel with over 20 years of management and customer relations experience. Our expertise is highlighted in the following areas: entrepreneurship, sales, communication, event coordination, project management, customer service, marketing, public relations, consulting, coaching, teaching, and development of creative strategies for business expansion and profitability.


We believe in the investment of people, challenging them to excel, to utilize their talents and abilities to chart their destiny and fulfill their purpose.  The foundation of our platform is to empower and motivate individuals to raise the bar and achieve success.


Unique, LLC aims to provide the tools, tactics and strategies that will assist in motivating and directing others to cultivate their God-given talents in their business and personal endeavors.

Serving Communities,

Unique, LLC.


Overcoming Obstacles: A Stepping Stone – Not a “BARRIER”



U -Unequalled


N- Notable


I – Ingenuity


Q – Quality


U- Unparalleled


E - Excellence

Unique, LLC

Marketing Consulting

P.O. Box 505

Brice, OH 43109


(614) 260-3061




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